Snapshots of Our Lives

“With more than 21,000 photostories (in July 2016) and growing everyday, #kachinlifestories on Instagram serves as the model for Kachin to tell and share stories through individual autoethnographic volitions. The relative success of #kachinlifestories as conglomerated through snapshots of life stories on Instagram demonstrates the power of hypermedia in conveying the anthological and the affective senses. This elastic and ever-changing knowledge base of photostories also demonstrates the power of the photograph as a tool to archive, extract and tell stories. It is indeed the most conducive platform to build a crowd generated knowledge base of life stories through individual autoethnographic volitions.”

Excerpt From: Stan BH Tan Tangbau, Cecilia Koh Maran , Maru Charity Lu Lu Seng. “Kachinlifestories Anthologies Volume 1.” iBooks.

“Snapshots of Our Lives” is the most convenient tool to share excerpts of life stories. We encourage Kachin people to share photo stories from everyday life or memories (old family photographs, etc) as people would normally do on any social media platform with friends, such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr, etc. The only minor difference is that we encourage contributors to use the hashtag #kachinlifestories and other appropriate hashtags to tell of what they remember or think about those images, just as they would in any popular social media platforms. These tagged photos come together as a conglomeration of narratives that is necessarily non-teleological, yet absolutely insightful body of knowledge of the stakeholders, the Kachin, that is continuously created by the Kachin themselves.

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