#kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs & Genealogies

#kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs & Genealogies Volume 1

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“#kachinlifestories is pleased to introduce #kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs and Genealogies, the sister series to #kachinlifestories Anthologies. Educated elites among the Kachin have been actively writing their personal memoirs (especially among the elderly) and remembrances of their forebears. These narratives are usually printed and distributed among family members and friends. We are also aware that many elders have been painstakingly documenting genealogies of their own clans and families. These records are then self-printed and only available in limited circulation. #kachinlifestories has been encouraging volunteer contributors to facilitate the recording of life stories of elderly family members who wish to publish their own memoirs. #kachinlifestories takes on the responsibility of publishing these manuscripts as eBooks for free international circulation. Each volume in #kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs and Genealogies represents a more personal and slightly extended dedication to the life stories of the self, the loved ones and the lineage. At its most fundamental, #kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs and Genealogies is an attempt to encourage Kachin people to pass on their stories to loved ones and to remember the people they care.”

Excerpt From: Stan BH Tan Tangbau, Cecilia Koh Maran, Maru Charity Lu Lu Seng. “Biography Volume 1.” iBooks.

#kachinlifestories Biographies, Memoirs & Genealogies Volume 2

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