Doing Kachin Life Stories is like having every one of us getting a new pen or pencil each and we make our own small markings on a common piece of paper. When combined, our markings may come to resemble a bird or something else, but nobody knows what the final picture will look like…

Nhkum Tang Goon, Bangkok, August 2013

KLS defined

#kachinlifestories is about ordinary Kachin people in his/her individual capacity but together as a crowd forming an autonomous uncollective to create a new knowledge base about themselves through the instrument of Life Stories. It is about ordinary people taking back the agency to speak for themselves about their own lives. It is about finding your individuality in the grand narrative under the label of Kachin. It is about being Kachin as experienced by the hundreds of thousands of people out there in the world. It is about empowerment of the ordinary person through sharing of Life Stories.

Using the tags #kachinlifestories and #kachin as key connectors, we encourage Kachin around the world to record and share their very own stories. We also encourage you to help record and share stories of people you know and share these stories in the way they would tell. Capturing the everyday through words, pictures, videos and voices, we urge Kachin people to share these moments into various social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, flickr, facebook, soundcloud, and tumblr, etc. We highlight the importance of tagging (#kachinlifestories #kachin #location) these moments to bring out the unique but everyday circumstances of the Kachin people living in different parts of the world.

We urge you to share excerpts of stories, personal experiences, memories, thoughts, impressions, etc., of your Life. Life is often messy, complicated, even chaotic; and sometimes, brutal and painful. But there are also simple memories, fond memories, and plain memories about growing up, about the past, from our forebears, and about the present. Be it recollections of simple gatherings at home, small and big festivals, views of our villages, the towns, the rivers, the streams, going to Church, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the sounds we hear, pleasant memories or painful memories… these are things etched in our Lives. By remembering, we tell people who we are. By remembering, we perhaps will come to know better how we can realize our hopes. We believe that these stories, when combined, will create a knowledge of Kachin that is current, diverse, and dynamic; a voice that is small, yet powerful.

The Stories that you see on all #kachinlifestories platforms: WordPress, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc., are autonomously shared excerpts of life stories by individual Kachin people.