Episode 13: Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban

When the series first began, some viewer asked Rev Naw Mai why didn’t he try to film it more professionally, with better equipment for recording visual and sound, a coordinated script, fully rehearsed performance, etc. Well, when we discussed the concept behind this series, namely Kachin Life Stories, we wanted to simply transfer to screen what happens when a couple of friends come together to simply jam and chat. Or as Rev Naw Mai puts it, “the real me!” That was our principal guideline, to capture the everyday. Just as important, we want to encourage Kachin around the world to record their life stories using the most convenient tools available, and in their most natural settings. As a result, the entire series was unrehearsed and totally impromptu. Most importantly, it was done by Rev Naw Mai, Awng Ban, and a few friends. We hope you enjoy this series as much as we do. Cheers!

Ja Hkawn
Zau Doi


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