Episode 12: Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban

The “Kachin Life Stories Soundscapes: Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban” series was recorded entirely by Rev Naw Mai, Awng Ban, and their friends in Chiang Mai. A simple crew, with a simple instrument, the iPad (in fact, just the iPad 2). We first met with Rev Naw Mai in June 2012 when we traveled to Chiang Mai to introduce Kachin Life Stories to the Kachin community there. We would continue to meet irregularly in 2013, and spent what little time Rev Naw Mai could set aside from his extremely busy schedule to talk about the concept behind Kachin Life Stories, and the medium of sound as an instrument to tell stories; a concept that we developed earlier with Chyingtawng Zau Naw (Chying Chying). We experimented with a few impromptu solo takes with Rev Naw Mai before we developed this into a long term project. The primary objective is to have two musicians tell their individual stories through sounds. The secondary objective is to invoke memories amongst the Kachin community and the general audience. Halfway through the recording of this series, Rev Naw Mai and sara Awng Ban discussed the idea of developing a longer term project of recording Kachin Life Stories through Songs and Music. So, what you see here is but the beginning of something bigger that we will unveil in due time. Thank you for viewing! Spread the word, come back for more, and remember to share your stories – tag #kachinlifestories!

Cecilia SY Koh-Maran (Ja Hkawn)
Stan BH Tan-Tangbau (Zau Doi)


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