Episode 1 – Kachin Life Stories: Soundscapes – Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban!

Kachin Life Stories: Soundscapes – Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban! is a new series highlighting how we exchange life stories in our most casual and everyday fashion, and quite often, using medium beyond words and texts. In this case, Live with Naw Mai & Awng Ban, tells of how we remember and make sense of our lives with Sounds. Reverend Naw Mai and the eminent Kachin guitarist, Awng Ban, exchange life stories with their guitars through a series of casual, raw, and totally unrehearsed, jamming sessions in Chiang Mai.

We hope you will enjoy and follow the series. Most importantly, we hope this will encourage more Kachin people to share their stories in ways they are most comfortable with so as to pass on their knowledge to the next generation and to present your individual selves as Kachin to the world [no need to go through us, just tag #kachinlifestories and we will find you! 🙂 ]. Enjoy!

P.S.: English subtitles will be added at a later date. Meanwhile, just indulge in the Soundscape of this series!

kachinlifestories began life as a Public Project without any funding, just only the dedicated efforts of volunteers. In 2012, the designer of the project, Associate Professor Stan BH Tan-Tangbau (Zau Doi) of Ritsumeikan University, was awarded a KAKENHI Young Scientist “A” grant, Ref. 24682009, by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science. This award enabled kachinlifestories to develop very quickly from the embryonic designs in 2011 to what you see today.

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