Bringing your stories to the world, Loi Hkang: by Rikilu

No internet connection? Fret not. Bring your stories to places where internet is readily available.

“Only one big bell in the church. It is to alert the villagers if somethings important happen.. Once the bell rings, villagers will gather in church to hear the important announcement as there don’t have loudspeaker or advance machinery products. #kachinlifestories #big #bell (just look at my jacket, I guess u will know how cold the weather is..)

Lack of “advance machinery products” ? We are also sure there is no wireless connection in Lok Hkang. However, this doesn’t stop @rikilu from sharing stories of her home town.

“23.11.2013 Loi-Hkang church… #church #kachinlifestories #klssingapore”

She simply bring these stories to the internet! Do you know that the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon offers FREE wireless!

“Traditional manau dance place in loi-hkang. The Manau dance is performed at Manau festivals which originated as part of the spirit worship in the past. Manau poles are stylized designs that depict the trial of ants, birds, butterflies in flight, bulls with horns hocked, waves and seeds that have sprouted and proliferated. #kachinlifestories #loihkang #dance”

Finding it difficult to travel? No worries. Share these stories with someone who has access to good internet/wireless.

23.11.2013 At uncle house in Loi-hkaang.. Diff building stracture (ancient style) #kachinlifestories #loihkang kutkai #old #house”

Let the world who you are by sharing and tagging #kachinlifestories and other relevant tags on instagram.

Natural beauty… Taken on the way from Kutkai to Loihkan (23.11.2013) northern part of myanmar. actually it was a small mountain destroying in process to take sand.. #kachinlifestories #relax #mind #by #looking FYI: No camera effect!!!!!!!!!

Share your stories. Let your stories travel.

#26.11.2013 Here it goes!!!! Me and the rabbit!!!!! #kachinlifestories #cute #rabbit #post
This is how i bullied them by giving foods from high place… This is one way to feed the older rabbit..^^ so nt consider bully..#cute #rabbit #feeding #eating #veg
This is how I took out one of the rabbits from the cage to take pic with me….I hold like that coz I heard this is how the hunter hold the rabbits when they caught it…. #kachinlifestories #funny #moment #poor #rabbit

Thank you @rikilu for sharing your photos with #kachinlifestories, an effort to share and record the stories of Kachin people all over the world.

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